Drummer – October 2021

This month, Kidsverse talk to Per, a drummer. Lily loves drumming so this episode was really interesting to her. Per is an illustrator and drummer and has played in bands such as the Ooga Boogas.

Do drummers get sore arms when they play? Does Per have to do stretches? Per talks about how he was inspired to play drums after watching Mary Stuart Masterson in the movie, Some Kind of Wonderful. He mentions his favourite drummers and how he loves pretty much any type of genre.

This was recorded over the internet so there may be some audio issues.

Our Fact

The five-piece drum kit has been credited to Warren "Baby" Dodds – a jazz musician - who assembled a drum set using classical instruments. He was the first person to use a cymbal as a timekeeping element.


Hall of Fame: William Baby Dodds: https://www.pas.org/about/hall-of-fame/warren-baby-dodds

Masterclass: The history of drumming. https://www.masterclass.com/articles/a-brief-history-of-drums#a-brief-history-of-drums-around-the-world