Kidsverse – Ballet Teacher

Lily and Evie talk to Miss Anna, a dance teacher. Anna has more than 25 years of experience in dance and over 10 years in teaching. She runs her own school of dance and teaches children from 2 years old and up.

The girls talk to Anna about her ballet teaching particularly. Why did she become a ballet teacher? What is the best thing about teaching children to dance? Anna talks about what inspired her to become a ballet teacher and her favourite ballerinas. She also talks about how she comes up with the end of year concerts and the preparation that goes into thinking about them for such a large company of dancers of different abilities. Lily even mentions that the word ‘tutu’ is French slang for the bottom! So put your listening ears on and jete to the podcast player!

Our fact

We have a few facts in this podcast! Firstly ballet began in Italy in the 1400s. We thought it was France but it was actually Italy! For two hundred years it was only men who were allowed to dance ballet and that was mainly in royal households. Women weren’t able to dance until around the 1680s. Mademoiselle De Lafontaine danced the first-ever ballet performance by a woman in 1681.

Tutu - taken from the MacMillan Dictionary – It is believed that the word tutu comes from the word ‘cucu’ which is French slang meaning ‘buttocks’ or bottom.


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