Kidsverse – Copyright

This month Kidsverse talks to Kellie. She’s a Writer’s Services Representative at the APRA AMCOS. The girls ask her about her job and what she does. They ask about breaching copyright with music and searching for missing money from music royalties. Kellie talks about how sometimes breach of copyright is accidental. You may have an ear worm and write a song that someone has already written!
Kellie discusses how she helps musicians with online distribution with things like Spotify and SoundCloud.
Kellie is also a musician and talks about her music. She plays in Screamfeeder
amongst many other bands. She talks about directing videos and how her favourite part is in the editing suite.

Our Fact

The definition of "copyright" is the right to copy things like art, books, and music. The very first copyright issue was in the year 561. There was an argument about the owner of a copy of an Irish manuscript and the King gave the judgement “To every cow belongs her calf, therefore to every book belongs its copy”. This means every copy of a book belonged to the owner of the original book. The rules have changed a bit since then!


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