Kidsverse – Gardener

It's Springtime! This month the Kidsverse crew talk to Stuart. He's a professional gardener, scientist, and teacher. Stuart's business, The Garden Doctor, is a Melbourne based gardening expert and science communicator service who helps with workshops and 1:1 gardening advice. What got him interested in gardening? What’s the difference between permaculture and horticulture? Stuart talks about animals he's discovered when he has been landscaping gardens and what is a good way for kids to get interested in gardening.

During the podcast, Stuart mentions the bunya nut and his business The Garden Doctor.

Our fact

In the 18th century, Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown was a landscape architect and responsible for using a more ‘natural’ style of garden with clumps of trees, winding man-made lakes, and woods in the United Kingdom. He copied nature so well that his work is often mistaken for a natural landscape. He created a “ha-ha” fence to keep animals away (the animals couldn’t get over the sunken fence and it didn’t ruin the view). He also built a machine that was able to move huge trees horizontally - before that they used to be dug up and carried vertically and it was really expensive and difficult.


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