Kidsverse-Kindergarten Teacher

This month, Evie and Lily talk to Ally, a kindergarten teacher. Ally was the girls’ kindergarten teacher a few years back – so it gives them extra special insight into Ally’s teaching and they remember on some really wonderful lessons that Ally taught them. Why did she become a kinder teacher? What did she have to do to become a kindergarten teacher? And why are music and outdoor play so important for growing children in the early education setting? Ally talks about her challenges being a kinder teacher and also where she gets her great ideas. Teaching children about sustainability at a young age is really essential and Ally talks about her wonderful lesson on making paper bricks from recycled materials.

Our Fact

Samuel Wilderspin was one of the founding fathers of the infant school or kindergarten in England in the 1800s. He wrote many books about teaching young children and is even credited as creating the very first playground and how kids need structured play. He said that horses and dogs had more opportunities for play and exercise than children of the poor. He provided children with playgrounds that had fruit trees and gardens filled with piles of large wooden bricks and inspired them to build forts and houses to explore the physics through building design.


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