Kidsverse – sales assistants

This month, the girls talk to Nour and Jess who work at a clothing store called Dangerfield. They talk about their work in sales at a fashion store. What do they like about working with customers in fashion? What do they say to a customer if their fashion choice doesn't quite work?
The ladies also discuss social media and their side passions. Nour is an artist and Jessie a drag king. They talk about how having passions and working make a fulfilling life.

Our fact

In 1855 English designer, Charles Frederick Worth established the first haute couture house in Paris. This was the first place where people could go and purchase designer clothes. He was previously a sales assistant at a famous Paris shop that sold fabrics. Before ready to wear clothes, you used to go to the fabric store and the sales assistants would help you select the fabrics and then they’d send the material to dressmakers and they would measure you up and make clothes for you. It’s a little different today with ready-to-wear clothes!


Harper's Bizaare : The History of Haute Couture 

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