Kidsverse – Video Producer

This month Kidsverse talks to Darren. He’s a video producer. A video producer is someone who helps think about the creative look and feel of the video, organises the money, helps with the scripts and deadlines and edits the footage. Darren talks about how a video producer is different from a director. He talks about editing and filming onsite and some of the cool jobs that he has filmed. Darren talks about his worst experience as a video producer and outlines some things that kids can do if they’re interested in this job. His advice, get filming!

Our Fact

When films were first created they used to be just one long shot. That means the camera stayed where it was and there weren’t any cuts to other angles or scenes to show the story. In 1903, the silent film “The Big Swallow” uses three shots and has one of the first close-ups ever. The film shows a man getting upset about being filmed and he ends up swallowing the camera! The three scenes were edited together to form a sequence. There’s a link to see it in our show notes. Check it out.


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