Singer Songwriter

This month Kidsverse talk to Jen Cloher, a respected recording and performing artist and co-founder of Milk! Records. The girls talk to Jen about her singing and songwriting. Jen talks about the first instrument she learned to play and her journey as a musician. She is an intuitive writer and she talks about how she changes the guitar tuning to explore the guitar in different ways to inspire her creatively. She believes the lyrics are the most important part of her songs because it is the way she can communicate ideas to the audience. The girls also ask her about forgetting lyrics to her songs and whether she prefers being in the studio or singing live.

The podcast was recorded over the internet so there may be some audio issues.


Our fact is about the actual word “music” which came to the English language from the ancient Greeks. The Greeks believed that gods called muses inspired poets and this is where the word music comes from – as in “muse – ic”. Our second fact talks about how music was often performed with a lyre (an old stringed instrument like a guitar) and performers sung alongside the lyre. Singing whilst the lyre played was called lyricos and that gave us the word lyric!


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